Challenges with VDI 1.0 Solutions
(XenApp, XenDesktop, and Horizon)

  • VDI 1.0 solutions have complex, legacy, single tenant architectures
  • VDI 1.0 deployments are complex, taking months and involving multiple teams (networking, storage, servers, database, and security) and consultants
  • VDI 1.0 solutions have high CapEx and high OpEx

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Replicate VDI 1.0 Deployment For Each Customer


Challenges with Citrix Cloud

  • Citrix hosts one copy of single tenant XenApp/XenDesktop solution per customer, which increases the install, maintenance and upgrade burden for both Citrix and the customer
  • Users get poor performance because traffic is tromboned through Citrix Cloud
  • Security is compromised because end user credentials and data flows through Citrix Cloud

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Challenges with Citrix XenApp Essentials/XenDesktop Essentials

  • The Essentials products have a simpler management interface, but they are built on top of Citrix Cloud and inherit all the problems of the Citrix Cloud architecture
  • The customer is still responsible for all of the Azure provisioning, network integration and VM template creation (significant experience required) and must contend with  unpredictable Azure billing
  • The Essentials products have limited functionality; customers need to use legacy products for full functionality

Essentials Needs Citrix Cloud Hosting Infrastructure



Challenges with DaaS 1.0 Solutions
(Amazon WorkSpaces and Horizon Cloud)

  • End users get off-the-shelf desktop, not your corporate desktop
  • Solution not integrated with your existing AD, desktop management tools, etc.
  • Unless you choose dedicated hardware, you get a Windows server image, not a Windows 10 desktop