Tool vs. Turnkey Service

Legacy VDI solutions are tools – customers need to buy data center infrastructure, consulting services, deployment services in order to deliver their first virtual desktop. There have been many attempts to simplify VDI deployments – VDI hosted by service provider, VDI hosted by ISV, VDI as a service. But these are attempts to simplify the tool itself.

Workspot and Amazon WorkSpaces are turnkey services. Customers pay for and receive a virtual desktop – they don’t need to deploy infrastructure or a VDI stack. The biggest benefits of a turnkey service are: (a) time to value (b) flat rate pricing.

In addition to these, Workspot brings to market a unique customer success philosophy which centers on delivering value to our customers. Our customers sign no-risk contracts. The Workspot Customer Success team is responsible for delivering a successful pilot in about 30 days. If the customer feels that we have not delivered a successful pilot, they can cancel at no charge to them.

Further, all our deployment services are free. How can we do this? Well, quite simply, because we have worked hard to make our solution easy to deploy. And charging you boatloads of money by making our product simple just does not seem fair.







Built for the Cloud, Enterprise Class

The cloud upends the data center architecture of the last two decades. Data centers are expensive to set up, and operationally challenging to manage. As a result, most customers will consolidate data centers and locate them in as few geographies as possible. Most legacy solutions are designed for this data center design. The cloud provides tens of regions for a customer to deploy resources. A customer can now deploy virtual desktops in multiple regions in North America, EMEA, APAC, and Australia. The Workspot solution provides a single pane of glass to deploy and manage virtual apps, desktops and workstations in any of the tens of regions of Azure. Customers can also use the single pane of glass to mix and match cloud and on-premises deployments.

The Workspot solution is enterprise class. Your users get Windows 10 desktops that are built using your corporate image, the desktops are connected to your Active Directory and your network, they inherit your security policies and GPOs, and you can use your existing tools to manage them if you so choose.

The Protocol Wars Are Over

Workspot’s unique architecture allows IT to deploy desktops anywhere globally within 100 ms latency from the end users. With over 42 Microsoft Azure regions available globally, and a modern H.264 based protocol, customers love the Workspot remote protocol experience based on Microsoft RDP. Independent benchmarks show that RDP 10 protocol is better or almost the same compared to Teradici PCoIP and Citrix HDX. Our customers use Workspot for the most demanding 3D graphics workloads, such as Autodesk Revit, Autocad, Petrel, and others.