Access your desktops, apps, and data in a unified cloud workspace on any device

You can mix and match the delivery of different types of applications and data into a single unified workspace on any device:

  • Virtual Desktops
  • Windows client server applications
  • On-Premises Web Applications, like SharePoint, SAP, etc.
  • SaaS Web Applications like Office 365, Salesforce, etc.
  • Network File Shares and OneDrive

Workspot leverages the power of the end point and delivers the best and most responsive user experience for web applications and data.

The workspace is available on any device – PC, Mac, iOS, or Android. You can customize delivery so that different sets of apps and desktops show on different devices even for the same user.


Secured access simplified

Workspot needs just one passcode. It doesn’t get easier for end users to get to their workspace securely. And it is secured for IT too.

Once you authenticate with your passcode, you don’t need to login into all the other apps inside your workspace. Our client integrates with many different Single Sign On (SSO) solutions like Okta, NTLM/Kerberos, CA Siteminder, Oracle iDP, and others. The Workspot client seamlessly single signs on the user to enterprise applications, even those behind the VPN firewall.

So, one passcode can replace remembering different passwords for each app, launching VPN client, and putting that “\” in front of domain logins? With Workspot, that’s the new norm for the secured user experience.

Cross-Platform Rich Client Architecture

The Workspot client is a cross-platform client and provides a consistent user experience on any PCs, iPhones, Android phone, iPads, and Macs. We have created a seamless end user experience by integrating many different client technologies into Workspot: browser, RDP client, CIFS client, VPN, SSO agent, document viewers, and an RSA client. Workspot also comes with a built-in RSA token generator. All of these smarts in a single client!

workspace rich-client-architecture

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Unified Workspace