Insanely Simple Turnkey Service

The Workspot Desktop Cloud is an insanely simple turnkey service that enables you to deploy enterprise class VDI from Microsoft Azure in a day!

“Insanely Simple Turnkey Service.”
Brad Peterson – VP of Marketing

“Flat Rate Pricing and Free Deployment Services.”
Brad Peterson – VP of Marketing

Flat Rate Pricing and Free Deployment Services

You’ll love our “no-surprises” flat rate subscription pricing. Get virtual apps and desktops with a flat subscription fee that includes Azure costs and all the support, maintenance, and upgrades for the Workspot service. Our flat rate subscription pricing also includes free deployment services. We can afford to do that because we made our service insanely simple!

No Risk Engagement Model

We believe that the legacy model for deploying enterprise software is broken. Why should customers take all the risk of buying software? Why should it take them years to determine whether the software adds value or not? We are obsessed with making our customers successful, so along with our insanely simple cloud service, we created an industry first: the no risk engagement contract. With Workspot, if you’re unhappy during the first 30 days of deployment, you can cancel the contract at zero cost to you. We are in it together!

“No Risk Engagement Pilot Model.”
Brad Peterson – VP of Marketing

“Built Exclusively for Azure.”
Brad Peterson – VP of Marketing

Built Exclusively for Azure

We believe that Microsoft Azure is the best public cloud for Windows workloads, so we’ve tightly integrated our cloud desktop, app and workstation solutions with Azure.

Cloud Native Advantage

The Workspot Desktop Cloud is a modern, multi-tenant solution that scales infinitely. You can easily manage virtual desktops and apps across Azure regions and on-premises data centers using a single pane of glass. No other solution does that!

“Cloud Native Advantage.”
Jimmy Chang – VP of Products