Workspot is an insanely simple, turnkey service for delivering enterprise-class virtual desktops, apps and workstations from Microsoft Azure.  We deliver value to you on day one with our unique and unmatched customer engagement business model that offers no-risk contracts, free deployment services, and flat-rate subscription pricing.

Workspot is Proud to be a Microsoft Managed Partner

There are thousands of Microsoft partners, but few that are actually managed by Microsoft.  Workspot has worked hard to collaborate and deliver on a solid Azure cloud-based virtual desktop solution, resultantly building close business and technical relationships with Microsoft. Together with Microsoft, we have simplified and streamlined the delivery of virtual desktops, workstations, applications, and end-user data to a wide spectrum of joint customers. We are very pleased to have been selected as a Managed Partner in the Microsoft Education marketplace.

Microsoft Managed Partner - Workspot VDI on AzureGold MSFT Partner


Innovating for Education Across All Levels

Educational institutions are making the move to Azure to take advantage of the reduced costs that come with having flexible datacenter infrastructure and just-in-time capacity. Workspot virtual app and desktop solutions are tightly integrated with Azure to deliver insanely simple DaaS. Easily provide student access to a cloud learning platform from any student device and offer access to apps and data from thin clients in labs, libraries and student centers.

With Workspot, your VDI for education solution scales instantly and infinitely, plus our burst capabilities ensure you can accommodate variable demand efficiently. Our no-risk engagement model means you pay when your implementation is successful. Learn more by attending our webinar.

Higher Ed DaaS